The Good Shepherd Lives & Reigns

           If one were to give the average church-going Christian the following instructions: “Describe God with ten, single words”, which terms would be among those most commonly given?[1]  One would likely expect the list to contain popular expressions like, Love. Holy. Just. Omnipotent. Praiseworthy. Righteous. Omniscient. Eternal. Omnipresent. Spirit. These descriptors, along with scores of others, are perfectly accurate as well as profoundly biblical.  No serious-minded student of the Bible would question the scriptural validity these singular nouns that describe God. The point here is not which words most often make the list, but rather which equally scriptural words do not. It is likely that one word in particular would rarely make the top ten list of descriptors for God. It is the word, shepherd.  Why is that?

          The shepherd/sheep image is singularly the most frequently used literary picture in the Bible to convey God’s covenant care for His people. This includes both the Old and New Testament’s use of simile and metaphor to describe God’s people in relation to Him, as well as the comparison of human leaders of God’s people as shepherds, and the use of the Shepherd and Lamb image for Jesus Christ Himself.

          Sundays in November and December  2017 — Learn again, what you already know. See again, what’s been hiding in plain sight.

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[1] A few years ago, I conducted an informal survey of seventy-five Christians. Sixteen of them were full-time pastors or assistant pastors of conservative evangelical churches. Of the total respondents, only two out of seventy-five included the word shepherd in their top ten words to describe God.