What I Want To Know Is…

DSC_0021Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Grace Gospel Church of Ottawa! Here you will find quick answers to some common questions.

1. “What makes Grace Gospel Church different?”

Self-promoting salesmanship is not our thing. So you won’t find any here. We are a group of ordinary people who have been rescued by an extraordinarily grace-giving God through faith alone in Jesus Christ. We are called to be Christ-centered, not to be on the cutting edge of what’s unique and novel. Whatever is popular and hip in church today won’t be tomorrow. We love people, and we believe that God, for His glory alone, would have us use ministry to build people rather than building a ministry on the backs of people.

2. “How did Grace Gospel Church start? How old is it?”

In July of 2008 a few families in Ottawa began meeting in a home for a time of singing, prayer and mutual encouragement from Scripture. On September 25th of that year, twelve believers drafted and signed the original GRACE GOSPEL CHURCH Charter. The first morning worship service was held at 10:00am on Sunday, October 5th at the Ottawa Municipal Auditorium on the corner of 3rd and Hickory in Ottawa, Kansas. In January of 2016, the church decided to relocate to the Washburn Towers location at 506 South Main.

3. “What is your style of worship—contemporary or traditional?”

In a word, neither. We completely understand that those who ask this question generally know already what they are looking for in an answer. We purpose to arrange our worship so that it is unmistakably Word-driven, Christ-centered and God-glorifying. If we were forced to use a label, perhaps “reverent” would be the best descriptor. GRACE GOSPEL desires to be a group of people who assemble on Sundays to worship God, not our personal tastes. We preach from an ancient book that is surprisingly relevant to modern man; not because we make it so, but because it is so. We sing together: some ancient psalms, some old songs, and some brand new hymns. When you visit you will see that some people wear coats and ties, some people wear jeans, and some people wear ties with their jeans! Our Sunday morning service includes prayer, several songs, public reading of Scripture, and always a gospel-oriented sermon from the Bible. Typically the worship service lasts about ninety minutes. Much of our congregation also enjoys spending time together after the service. More than anything, our church family desires to love God with our entire heart, soul, mind and strength. Expect to find a group of people growing in their love for God, for our community, and for each other.

4. “Where do I park?”

Washburn Towers (506 S. Main) has a parking lot on the West and South of the building. Many spaces are marked reserved for the residents, all of the others are for our GRACE GOSPEL guests and members.